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North Carolina Veterans Park

Fayetteville, North Carolina

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North Carolina Veterans Park North Carolina Veterans Park North Carolina Veterans Park North Carolina Veterans Park North Carolina Veterans Park North Carolina Veterans Park

Down the street from the world-renowned Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville is the North Carolina Veterans Park. This park was created to honor North Carolinians who served in the United States military. As a veteran, I appreciate honors paid to those who have served our country.

As you enter the North Carolina Veterans Park you'll see a large plaque that expresses the guiding vision of this special place - to honor those who "From the Soils of North Carolina" left their homes and families to serve our country.

The Visitors Center features fascinating exhibits that include: the carved-glass Service Ribbon Wall depicting service medals in common with all five military branches, awarded since the Civil War; a chandelier created from 33,500 dog tags; an interactive globe that allows you to pinpoint a location and learn about the heroic events that occurred there; an exhibit of dog tags from service members killed in action; and the military heritage exhibit.

Outside the Visitors Center, the Community Lawn, with its Story Garden, provides an intimate area to congregate or hold small events. The North Carolina Living Wall, built with native stone and actual soil from all 100 counties, represent the state's topography from the mountains to the coast. Nearby, a 150-seat amphitheater provides a distinctive setting for military ceremonies and special events.

The park's unique and symbolic design takes you through a veteran's journey before, during, and after service.

The Community Plaza area symbolizes the "passage" from civilian to military life with the Oath of Service Wall, a bronze casting of a veteran's hand from each county in the state - 99 are right hands, and the one left hand is from a veteran who lost his right hand in service. This stunning visual display represents the men and women who left their communities to serve their country.

Also located in this area are fifty Community Columns with the name of a North Carolina county on each side. Lining the columns are hand castings from veterans' friends and family members - four citizens from each county - symbolizing the many hands that support our military members as they leave to enter service.

Central to the park is the Service Plaza where, standing tall and proud, the Patriot Wall provides a visual and auditory symbol of the action, excitement and turmoil of military service. The wall's bluestone panels shimmer under cascading water. Your reflection in the gleaming stainless steel panels gives you the sense of being part of this imposing display.

Symbolizing the service members' readiness to defend at all times, the Pride and Purpose Sentry is a steel and granite tower, rising from a jetted pool of water. Special effects lighting illuminates the tower after dark.

The Military Artifact Gallery features public art sculptures created from actual salvaged military artifacts. The theme of this area, "If these walls could talk", symbolizes the underlying stories told by objects that once witnessed war and service alongside our veterans, but are now recognizable only as works of art. Seven touchstone words - DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, SACRIFICE, HEROISM, HONOR, COURAGE, INTEGRITY,- represent the guiding principles for each piece of art.

Service Arches denote the five military branches and provide a gateway to the Reflective Garden area.

The Reflective Gardens represent the transition from service back to community life. In this contemplative creek-side space, with shade trees and beautiful landscaping, veterans can gather, reflect and share their stories. This area includes the Camaraderie Plaza and the Veterans Color Gardens, featuring native North Carolina plants.

Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm
Sun Noon - 5pm

North Carolina Veterans Park
300 Bragg Boulevard
Fayetteville, North Carolina

Walk Through North Carolina Veterans Park