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Barksdale Global Power Museum

Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

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Barksdale Global Power Museum Barksdale Global Power Museum Barksdale Global Power Museum

The Barksdale Global Power Museum, formerly known as the Eight Air Force Museum, is located on Barksdale Air Force Base near Bossier City, Louisiana and is hosted by the 2nd Bomb Wing. This museum is probably one of the best kept secrets I have experienced in some time. I was pleasantly surprised as I walked through the Museum and its outside aircraft displays.

The mission of the museum is to preserve the heritage and traditions of the Air Force, specifically the 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale AFB, and the mission of the Bomber. Stimulate esprit de corps among Air Force personnel, as well as educate the public, by portraying the Air Force story through exhibits of historic property and static display aircraft. Ensure accountability and provide proper stewardship for all Heritage Property, including static display aircraft, historical artifacts, and Air Force Art.

This aviation museum has a large collection of military aircraft and historical artifacts that dates from the early days of United States military aviation as well as the history of Barksdale AFB, the formation of the 2nd Bomb Wing and formation of the 8th Air Force.

Let yourself go and take an exciting journey through the past and discover the dynamic history of Strategic Bombardment at the home of the 2nd Bomb Wing, the mighty 8th Air Force, and the new Air Force Global Strike Command. Currently the museum has 28 aircraft and 120 displays.

The Barksdale Global Power Museum is not only a memorial to our successes in battle, but also a recognition of the many years spent training to deter war. The peacetime history of Barksdale Air Force Base is as significant as those years at war.

See vintage aircraft like the venerable B-17 and B-24 bombers of World War II; along with their best "Little Friend", the P-51 Mustang. You can also see Cold War heroes such as the B-52D and B-52G Stratofortress. The Museum also has the highest and fastest flying jet aircraft ever - the MACH 3+ SR-71 Blackbird.

Inside, the Museum there is a WWII era briefing room that plays a 20 minute video about the history of Barksdale AFB. There are also six different exhibit galleries that help tell the story of Global Power.

Operations: 9:30am - 4pm Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day

Barksdale Global Power Museum 88 Shreveport Rd, via North Gate Road Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

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