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Peterman, Alabama

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Peterman Alabama pictures Peterman Alabama pictures Peterman Alabama pictures

Peterman, Alabama, a small southern railroad town, is located approximately 7 miles north of Monroeville close to the intersection of Alabama Highways 21/47 and Monroe County Road 30. I did not know anything about Peterman except that my map showed that I had to go through it to get to Burnt Corn, Alabama. But the minute we drove into Peterman, we knew we had found a treasure.

Peterman is a town that has not changed much over the past few years. It is like the quaint towns you read about in novels, slow paced with friendly residence. The people of Peterman have done a fantastic job in preserving the heritage of the town.

As I was gathering information about the town, I was fortunate to be able to talk to Alice, a member of the Peterman Historical Society. She was very knowledgeable about the town's history and was happy to share some of it with me. Thanks Alice, I appreciate your help.

It seems that the Peterman area has been inhabited since around 1815. By 1900 there was a small village with several stores and houses built on the hill overlooking present day Peterman. The old post office and hot dog stand is pictured to the right.

1900 was an exciting year of change for Peterman. Not only did they get a train depot, they moved all the town's buildings from the hill behind the post office to its present location next to the railroad tracks. It seems the business owners wanted to be closer to the train depot (top picture) to simplify freight handling and shipping.

Now that they had a depot, the residence had to come up with a town name. Looks like you cannot have a train depot without having a name to call it. Up to this point the area had simple been referred to as "Bufords" referring to Ms John Buford and her four sons who owned a considerable part of the land in the area.

The Merle Stanton Store is pictured to the right.

The town finally settled on naming the town after Addison Peterman, an L and N Railroad agent, at nearby Repton, and a surveyor who first made a blueprint of the town.

One of the outstanding exhibits Peterman has is the old Falkenberry Cabin build in the 1840s by Deason Falkenberry, a Civil War casualty, on the Coon Trail near Tunnel Springs. The cabin was donated to the Peterman Historic Society and moved to its present location.

The 34th Annual Peterman Station Arts and Crafts Festival was held on November 18, 2017. This event is always from 9am - 4pm on the last Saturday before Thanksgiving. It is setup along Main Street near the railroad tracks and the old store buildings. You can expect to enjoy over 125 arts and crafts booths, music, food and plenty of activities for folks of all ages. We had a fantastic time at this year's event. Hope to see you at the next event in November, 2018!

Annual Peterman Arts and Crafts Festival Visit to Peterman, Alabama

A Visit to Peterman, Alabama