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Nostalgia and Other Things

Sometimes you just have to stop and reflect. It seems that the older we get, the more reflecting some of us do. It's like that snake I came across when I was on field maneuvers while in the military.

...And there I was crawling around on my stomach, practicing evasion tactics in the middle of the night, out in the field just north of Austin, Texas. Everything was going good until I came across that giant snake. Did I mention that I got captured that night...

Anyway, as time goes by, we seem to mellow and allow the good times to get goodier and the bad times not to mean so much. Looking back, the bad times really were not that bad, most of the time--we were just too close to them. But that snake was gigantic in the middle of a dark night.

Remember When...

...a quarter was a decent allowance. You'd reach into a muddy gutter or other places for a penny. Nylons came in two pieces. You got your car windshields cleaned, your air and oil checked every time free when you got gas and you didn't even have to ask! Catching fireflies would take up the whole evening. If you remember these times, pass this on to someone else who may need a break from their "grown-up life."

TV & Big Screen Heroes

If you are too young to remember these events, enjoy a good laugh and pass it on to your parents. But, if you do remember them, bask in the warm memories of yester-year and the things and people that made it great!

The days when you could watch your heroes win in the end. The days when you did not have to worry about what was going on the screen or hear words you were not comfortable hearing with mixed company.

Comments from the Fifties

People living in the 50s were experiencing many changes; inflation rampant, cold war, moral changes, etc. Some changes were hard to understand and accept. As time distances us from those times, comments made back then seem to bring smiles to our faces as we try to relate to them in our time.

I remember as a kid walking 10 miles one-way to school each day. Back then as we walked to school, we did not think much about having to walk up hill both ways and having to walk bare foot in the snow during the winter. We did what we had to do! These days I hear kids talking about how rough it is to get up early to catch the school bus.

Anyway, I wonder what people 50 years in the future will think about comments being made today.