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US Army Medical Department Museum

Fort Sam Houston, Texas


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The mission of the Army Medical Department Museum is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpretArmy Medical Department Museum artifacts related to the history of the United States Army Medical Department (AMEDD) from 1775 to the present. This includes the significant events in the history of the AMEDD, important scientific and technological advances, the development of medical field service and the contributions of key officers and enlisted personnel of the AMEDD in peace and war. As an educational institute, the Museum supports the training and professional development of military personnel and civilians.

Though intended primarily for members of the Army Medical Department, the Museum is open to the public and is suitable for general audiences. Two spacious galleries in the Museum depict the history with displays of medical equipment, uniforms and insignia and works of art. There is aArmy Medical Department Museum significant collection of artifacts relating to Medical personnel who were prisoners of war in the Pacific Theatre during WWII. The Museum has a major collection of the insignia of Army Medical Department units and a significant archival collection of documents and photographs concerning the AMEDD.

Outside the museum, a fully equipped hospital train ambulance car is displayed. Ambulances and other large items of medical equipment are displayed in the nearby pergola.

A gift shop is located inside the main entrance near the Information Desk.

The Museum originated as part of the Army's Medical Field Service School at Carlisle Barracks,Army Medical Department Museum Pennsylvania and moved to Fort Sam Houston in 1946. The Museum has been Certified by the US Army Center of Military History and accredited by the American Association of Museums.

The Museum has continued to enhance its reputation as one of the most outstanding facilities of its kind in the world as an ideal venue for the restoration, preservation and exhibition of significant historic medical items. Military medical artifacts and memorabilia are proudly displayed in an environment that blends visualization of history with the appropriate presentation of the Army's contributions to medicine during times of both war and peace. It serves as a living reference library and research facility for students of all ages who have an interest in military medicine. It also augments the training of the more than 36,000 military and civilian students who attend the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, each year. Army Medical Department Museum

The Army Hospital Corps was formally established on March 1, 1887. General Order 29 published in April 1887 stated the Hospital Corps of the U.S. Army shall consist of hospital stewards, acting hospital stewards, and privates; and all necessary hospital services in garrison, camp, or field (including ambulance service) shall be performed by the members thereof, who shall be regularly enlisted in the military service; said Corps shall be permanently attached to the Medical Department, and shall not be included in the effective strength of the Army nor counted as a part of the enlisted force provided by law.

On 20 June, 1899 the first Army regulations governing the Nurse Corps were published as a circular, approved by the Secretary of War and issued from the Surgeon General's Office. These regulationsArmy Medical Department Museum governed the appointment of nurses and defined their duties, pay and privileges.

At the request of Surgeon General Sternberg, Dr. McGee wrote a bill to establish a Nurse Corps (female). What she wrote eventually became Section 19 of the Army Reorganization Act of 1901. Congress passed the bill after Dr. McGee left office on December 31, 1900, but she became known as the "Founder of the Army Nurse Corps."

On February 2, 1901, the Army Nurse Corps (female) became a permanent Corps of the Medical Department. Nurses were appointed to the Regular Army for a three-year period, although nurses were not actually commissioned as officers in the Regular Army at that time.
Army Medical Department Museum
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm
Closed Federal Holidays

US Army Medical Department Museum
Corner of Harry Wurzbach and Stanley Roads
Fort Sam Houston, TX.

A Tour of the U.S. Army Medical Department Museum