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Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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I travel to Oklahoma City as much as time allows and each trip brings something new. I checked this museum out about three years ago, but did not have enough time to do it justice. So, I made sure that I revisited it this trip.

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame and the Jim Thorpe Museum is an inspirational and educationaloklahoma sports hall of fame institution dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Oklahoma's rich sports history. Located just north of the State Capitol, the museum sits in the center of Oklahoma City's tourism corridor. The museum includes exhibits on Jim Thorpe, Jim Thorpe Award winners and 152 members (as of 2015) of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

The 32,000 square foot state-of-the-art museum also includes one of the city's finest event centers. The Jeaneen and Bob Naifeh & Bud Wilkinson Event Center, located on the second floor, hosts a range of events throughout the year, and is an integral part of the museum's operations.

Founded in 1986, the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame became a part of the Jim Thorpe Association in 1989. oklahoma sports hall of fame

In August of 2013, the two brands, which were literally the same organization, with the same administration, same board of directors and same values, selected OSHOF as the cohesive umbrella brand of the organization going forward.

All major initiatives of the OSHOF and previous Jim Thorpe Association would become sub brands of the OSHF, most notably:
      The Jim Thorpe Award (presented by the OSHOF).
     The Warren Spahn Award (presented by the OSHOF).
     Bright Path Youth Programs (a program of the OSHOF).
     Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Museum.
     Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Inductees/Members
oklahoma sports hall of fame
There are many more awards, events and programs that are conducted throughout the year by the OSHOF.

Currently, 152 Oklahoma sports figures, and two "teams of legend" have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and nearly 150 are on the list of nominees. Each year a selection committee selects a ballot of 20 nominees from the list, which is voted on by members of the OSHOF, Hall of Fame nominees and sports journalists from around the state. Each voter selects at least two nominees for induction based on the criteria of accomplishments in athletics and close identification with Oklahoma. An honors committee may also name additional nominees for induction.

The Jim Thorpe Award, presented to the most outstanding defensive back in collegiate football yearly by the OSHOF, is the organization's most high profile national presence. It is announced on ESPN'soklahoma sports hall of fame College Football Awards Show and the Jim Thorpe Award Banquet is held in Oklahoma City each February. The Jim Thorpe Award was established in 1986.

The Warren Spahn Award is also a national award that honors the most outstanding left handed pitcher in Major League Baseball each year. The Award, established in 1999 is presented in conjunction with the Bricktown Rotary at the Warren Spahn Award Gala each January in Oklahoma City.

Bright Path, the English translation of Jim Thorpe's Indian name, Wa-Tho-Huck, is the name for the OSHOF program that provides extensive community advocacy programs focused on youth. Through awards, education programs and athletic competition, the Bright Path Youth Program provides positive opportunities for youth to build self-esteem and pride.

The theme of the museum is …To encourage excellence through sports, academics, health and fitness; preserving our sports heritage while building pride in Oklahoma in the spirit of Jim Thorpe. This museum admission is free.

Museum Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame & Jim Thorpe Museum
4040 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame