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Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum

Guthrie, Oklahoma


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Although I have heard and read about the fantastic museums in Guthrie, Oklahoma, I have neverOklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum managed to get there until this last trip to the area. I was pleasantly surprised as I drove into Guthrie. It is a beautiful city with fantastic museums and antique stores. I will definitely be going back.

The Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum, located in the beautiful Gaffney Building (Circa 1890) in the downtown Historic District of Guthrie, Oklahoma, collections reflect the history of pharmacy and medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Oklahoma and Indian Territories and in the State of Oklahoma. The extensive collection of artifacts and ephemera exhibited in the museum were coincident with the westward migration of pioneers, shopkeepers, families and pharmacists as well as a host of other health care providers who populated the frontier regions of the United States.
Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum
For those interested in the history of pharmacy and drugstores, a trip to this museum is an education worthy of an advanced degree in the subject. The Museum's collections of antique and esoteric remedies and pharmaceuticals, along with an extensive variety of drugstore memorabilia, make a unique adventure into a world of medicinal and herbal cures. The Museum's collection also includes cigar memorabilia, hair care and beauty supplies from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

A nineteenth century soda fountain gives a gently reminder of gentle days long past and a recorded tour of the museum will guide visitors through the most interesting collections and authentic artifacts. Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum

The drugstore in frontier days was essential for pioneers who many times had little access to doctors. Treatment for illness and the maintenance of good health was an important part of the success of the Westward movement and the pharmacy in towns like Guthrie, the First Capital of the Oklahoma Territory and the State of Oklahoma, were all important to the people who settled in rural areas.

Early in the 1970s, pharmacist Ralph Enix and several of his colleagues began an ambitious project to provide a venue for the collection, preservation and sharing of artifacts and information relevant to the pharmacy and medical health professionals in the state of Oklahoma. The project culminated in 1992 with the establishment of the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum. The Museum is managedOklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum by the Oklahoma Pharmacy Heritage Foundation, Inc.

As its Silver Anniversary project, the Oklahoma Pharmacy Heritage Foundation and the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum added a spectacular Apothecary Garden on the west side of the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum as a fitting memorial to those pioneers and a welcome addition to the historic flavor of Downtown Guthrie and the State of Oklahoma. A formal dedication and ribbon cutting was held on May 18, 2006 with dignitaries and visitors from throughout the country.

Over the Centennial Summer of 2007 the Apothecary Garden has grown and prospered filling Guthrie with color, texture and delicious fragrances. Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum

The Apothecary Garden was chosen as the site for the new clock. New benches were added to provide comfortable seating. This spring, planting will be centered around the clock and designed to highlight this functional and beautiful addition to the garden's landscape.

Dedicated on December 9, 2007 at a sunset ceremony, the clock's chimes were heard throughout the city playing "Oklahoma" for the first time as a remembrance of our statehood and a reminder of the history that makes the First State Capital unique. In addition to marking the hours, the strains of the familiar anthem ring out at five o'clock each day and fill our historic streets with music.
Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum
Open: Tue - Sat 10am - 5pm
Closed: Sunday & Monday

Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum
214 W. Oklahoma Avenue
Guthrie, Oklahoma

A Visit to the Frontier Drugstore Museum

A Walk in Apothecary Garden