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JFK Special Warfare Museum

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

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I was driving up Interstate 95 headed to the Hampton, Virginia area when I decided to John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum stop and visit the JFK Special Warfare Museum on Fort Bragg. I had a wonderful time at the museum, but unfortunately I only got to see the outside portion of the museum. I did not do my homework - the Museum is closed on Mondays. Wow is me. But, I do plan to return so I can enjoy the exhibits inside.

The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum, established in 1963, is housed in the one-story Col. Arthur D. "Bull" Simons Hall, next to the John F. Kennedy Plaza on Fort Bragg, N.C. The museum, one of the 64 U.S. Army museums in the country, has the honor of collecting, preserving and displaying the history of the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, making it the regimental museum for the U.S. Army Special Forces, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations regiments including predecessor organizations from the American colonial period to the present. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum

The Museum's collection of historical items is used as a training tool for all newly indoctrinated special-operations Soldiers, during their qualification training, enabling them to see and hear the long heritage of the Soldiers and organizations that preceded them.

The Museum has an extensive World War I and II propaganda poster collection, as well as, numerous ethnographic items acquired by teams in Vietnam, Africa and Burma. The Museum also showcases the Airborne Ranger Companies, the United Nations Partisan Infantry Force and PsyWar units involvement in Korea, as well as, Special Forces actions in Laos and Vietnam. A separate gallery highlights special operations forces participation in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Static exhibits, including a large piece of the World Trade Center given to the USAJFKSWCS from New York John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum City as a reminder of why we train and fight, are located on the outside of the museum.

Additionally, there is a static exhibit on A-camps in Vietnam. Adjacent to the Museum is the JFK Special Warfare Memorial Plaza where the statue of COL Arthur D. "Bull" Simons predominates. The statue was donated to the U.S. Army by Mr. H. Ross Perot as a tribute to the ground force commander of the Son Tay Raid, a rescue attempt made in 1970 to rescue 64 American prisoners of war from a North Vietnam prisoner of war camp. The Special Forces Hall of Fame and a display of Medal of Honor recipients are located in COL Bank Hall, located at the corner of Ardennes and Merrill streets.

The museum gift shop offers mementos, souvenirs and books relating to the USASOC, Special Forces, and JFK Special Warfare Center and School. Their hours are the same as the museum.

Open 11am to 4pm on Tuesday to Saturday
Open Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day
Closed Sunday and Monday

John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum
corner of Ardennes St. and Marion St
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

JFK Special Warfare Museum

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