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Los Alamos Historical Museum

Los Alamos, New Mexico


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Built as an infirmary in 1918 and later used as the guest cottage for Los Alamos ranch School, thehistorical museum museum is in the oldest continually occupied structure in town. During the Manhattan Project (1943 to 1947), the cottage continued to serve as guest quarters, notably for General Leslie R. Groves, commander of the Manhattan Engineer District, whose office and residence were in Washington, D.C.

Now it serves as an award-winning, comprehensive historical museum which presents local world-changing and varied history. A book and gift ship fills a former bedroom of the guesthouse.

The museum features exhibits on the geological history of the Pajarito Plateau, including the volcanic explosion that created the world's second largest caldera, known as the Valles Caldera. It also has displays on the early settlers of the area, the Ancestral Pueblo Indians and the earlyhistorical museum homesteaders. The museum displays the history of the Los Alamos Ranch School, an elite educational institution for wealthy boys. It was founded by Ashley Pond II to build both the bodies and the minds of boys, who wore shorts as part of their school uniforms, even during the winter.

The school closed in 1943 when the United States government seized the property for the Manhattan Project, the top secret project to create the atomic bomb. Photos and artifacts in the museum document this time and tell the stories of the people who lived it.

The museum also has an area for traveling exhibits which have featured a wide variety of exhibitions about New Mexico history and World War II.

Operations: historical museum
Sun 1pm - 4pm
Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm
Sat 11am - 4pm

Los Alamos Historical Museum
1050 Bathtub Row
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Los Alamos Historical Museum