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The Old Depot Museum

Vicksburg, Mississippi

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The Old Depot Museum, located in the Old Vicksburg Depot, is on the banks of the "MightyOld Depot Museum Mississippi." You can stand there looking up at downtown Vicksburg and just image what it was like during the Siege of Vicksburg during the Civil War.

The Old Depot Museum is preserving Vicksburg's rich history and heritage. The City of Vicksburg and the Mississippi Department of Transportation have completed a $2.4-million restoration of the Depot.

A walk through the Old Depot Museum is a walk through military and maritime history. Ships and boats long forgotten come to life in exact replica. Steam locomotives, transportation trucks and car replicas show the history of transportation and war in Vicksburg.

Major areas of interest relating to the river history are:
Old Depot Museum
- Life on the River -- Shows different types of civilian craft that have operated on the Mississippi River and other inland rivers throughout the nation and our history.

- War on the Mississippi -- Features ships that fought on the Mississippi River during the Civil War includes submarines, blockade runners, Confederate raiders, ironclads, tinclads, wooden gunboats, and hospital ships in the Civil War.

- The Mississipians -- Highlights a unique collection of model ships named after Mississippi, Mississippians, and places in Mississippi.
Old Depot Museum
The museum has the world's largest collection of Civil War Gunboats!

Within the Museum walls you can see the Steamer Sprague, Big Mama of the Mississippi, joined by hundreds of vessels from every period in United States history. From the strange dragon-headed "Western Engineer," to the famous racing "Robert E. Lee" and "Natchez," to the earliest submarines and latest fighting ships. New models are being added every month from some of America's best model makers.

The Museum also features how other transportation means affected the growth of the Vicksburg.
Old Depot Museum
"History of the Automobile" in miniature has hundreds of model cars and trucks to highlight the history of the transportation in Vicksburg.

Some of the newer exhibits highlight the growth of train service in the area.

I was thoroughly surprised and entertained at the museum. The museum is actively adding new displays to its already large collection. While I was there I witnessed a large train display being assembled. I look forward to going back to see the final results of this project.

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Old Depot Museum

The Old Depot Museum
1010 Levee Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi

A Visit to the Old Depot Museum