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National Infantry Museum

Columbus, Georgia


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The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center is a $100 million, 190,000-square foot facilityNational Infantry Museum located right outside the gates of the Fort Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence, home of the Infantry. The Museum opened in June 2009.

This state-of-the-art facility tells the story of the United States Army Infantryman, from the fields of the American Revolution to the sands of Afghanistan. The museum houses an amazing display of artifacts from all eras of American history and contains numerous interactive multimedia exhibits, bringing our nation's past to life through the latest in technological innovation. The National Infantry Museum emphasizes the values that define the infantryman, as well as the nation he protects: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.
National Infantry Museum
At the National Infantry Museum, your journey through time begins with an emotional march into the past.

Since its formation in 1775, it has been said that the United States Army Infantry has owned the last 100 yards of the battlefield. The Infantry's brothers-in-arms also support the mission but it is the Infantryman's job to face the enemy bayonet to bayonet

The museum's signature exhibit is The Last 100 Yards. A gently sloped ramp contains life-sized dioramas depicting significant battles in the Infantry's history, including Yorktown, Antietam, Soissons, Normandy, Corregidor, Soam-Ni, LZ X-Ray, and Iraq. I have visited numerous military museums during my travels, but I cannot remember when an exhibit has touched me so much. This exhibit, alone, is worth the trip.

In addition to galleries, the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center also consists of:

   The Patriot Park IMAX Theatre
   NIM Sim Combat Simulators
   The EST2000 Rifle RangeNational Infantry Museum
   The Fife and Drum Restaurant
   The Soldier Store Gift Shop
   Heritage Walk
   Memorial Walk of Honor

Until April 2008, the museum was housed in an old army hospital on Fort Benning. Space and conditions for the museum's collection was inadequate. There was a failed attempt to raise money for a new museum in the 1970s. In 1998, the 501(c)(3) National Infantry Foundation was formed to plan, raise funds and to operate a new museum. The National Infantry Foundation has since formed a formal partnership with the army to manage the facility and its contents.

The National Infantry Museum does not receive federal, state or city funding. Through its lease agreement with the National Infantry Foundation, the army reimburses the foundation for approximately 30 percent of the museum's annual operating expenses. The museum relies on donations, memberships and revenue-generating attractions such as the IMAX theatre, combat simulators, Fife and Drum Restaurant, Soldier Store and catering to cover operating expenses.

In April 2012 - three years since opening - the museum welcomed its 1,000,000th visitor. It hasNational Infantry Museum received coverage in national and foreign media and it received the Thea Award from the Themed Entertainment Association in 2011.

The IMAX Theater offers a mix of award-winning documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters, many in 3D. Film schedules and ticket prices are posted at the ticket and concessions counter.

Rifle Range and Combat Simulators. Try your hand at firing weapons in a training simulator just like the soldiers use, or embark on a virtual rescue mission in a real Humvee.

Heritage Walk and Walk of Honor. Heritage Walk, lined with state flags and commemorative pavers, leads from the museum to the parade field. Just beyond the parade field is the Memorial Walk of Honor, a park-like area with dozens of memorials to infantry units.

World War II Company Street. Behind the museum you'll find an authentically recreated WWII Company Street. Each of the seven buildings is furnished with period pieces and includes audio recordings of life on an army post during the 1940s.

Tue - Sat 9am - 5pmNational Infantry Museum
Sun - 11am - 5pm

National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center
1775 Legacy Way
Columbus, Georgia

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