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Drummer Boy Museum

Andersonville, Georgia

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The Drummer Boy Museum, located in a turn-of-the-century brick and frame building in Drummer Boy Museum downtown Andersonville, Georgia, is one of those treasures any Civil War buff has just got to see. The Andersonville Welcome Center is also located in the lobby of the Drummer Boy Museum.

This is a fantastic museum that we actually discovered while trying to find the Andersonville National Historic Site.

Fifteen mannequins wearing 15 authentic Civil War uniforms, both Union and Confederate, including a colorful red and blue New York Fire Zouave uniform and a Union and Confederate drummer boy uniform complete with original drums, dominate the museum. The dedicated staff at the museum is very familiar with the history of the exhibits and can tell you who wore all 15 of these uniforms and what happened to these Drummer Boy Museum military men.

Numerous 1850s and 1860s revolvers, carbines and muskets and Civil War swords are on display along with original flags of the period, including a 35-star, 6-by-10-foot United States flag and a last national flag of the Confederacy.

Gen. Thomas T. Eckert, president of Western Union and chief of the United States Military Telegraph Department under President Lincoln accumulated an extensive collection of Civil War items, including Mary Surratt's bonnet which was removed from her head and given to Eckert just before her hanging along with others convicted in the Lincoln assassination conspiracy. His estate donated this collection to the Museum.

Open Seven Days a Week 9am - 5pmDrummer Boy Museum
Closed New Year's Day, Easter, July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Drummer Boy Museum
109 E Church St
Andersonville, GA

Drummer Boy Museum in Andersonville, Georgia

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