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Wilsonville, Alabama


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Wilsonville, nestled near Lay Lake in Shelby County, Alabama was named for Adam Wilson. Thewilsonville alabama town was incorporated in 1897. Wilsonville was of great importance in the late 1800s because of the Southern railway and it was also a major stop on the old stage route from Montgomery to Huntsville.

Around the turn of the century, Wilsonville was the trading point for two farming sections, one known as "Four Mile" and the other as "The Kingdom." The largest mercantile establishment in the county was conducted here by Mr. J.F. Pope, probably the largest individual taxpayer in the county at the time.

In the 2000 census, there were 1,551 residents with others drawn to the area because of jobs at E.C. Gaston Steam Plant and the raising of the Coosa River to provide waterfront homes. wilsonville alabama

In February 2008, the Wilsonville Town Hall was renovated through the efforts of Mayor Rosemary Liveoak, the Town Council and the community.

I remember driving through Wilsonville many times. It is a beautiful small county town where the people I met were friendly and ready to help you if you were in trouble.

A Drive Through Wilsonville