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Uriah, Alabama


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Uriah, Alabama is located in Monroe County near Monroeville. Uriah was named after one of itsuriah alabama founding fathers, James Uriah Blacksher.

Uriah is home to an annual festival called The Cotton Patch Festival. Various talents and arts and crafts are showcased during the festival each May.

Uriah is also home to an historic structure called King-Criswell Plantation House. The Plantation was built in the late 1850's by William 'Doc' King, nephew of William Rufus DeVane King the 13th Vice President of the United States.

The building was originally located in Lower Peachtree on the Alabama River. The main structure was dismantled board by board and reassembled in the 1960s at its present location at 535 Hwy 59 in Uriah. The massive structure is approximately 9000 square feet and is a wonderful example of the 'Classic or Greek Revival Style of architecture popular with large plantation owners during the mid-1800. uriah alabama

The home has identical upper and lower floors with twin parlors, 16 fireplaces and verandas on both levels. The Civil War likely kept the mansion from being completely finished. When it was dismantled in the 1960's, the following inscriptions were found on the bottoms of two of the octagon shaped columns:

"Aug 15, 1862. The Yankees are unable to take Vicksburg."

"Sept 21, 1862. After 15 months of fighting, suffering, and expense, the Federals hold the same position. It remains to be seen whether they will destroy all men. God grant that this wholesale slaughter of men will soon cease."

The two pictures below are of the Uriah Verterans Memorial.

uriah alabama uriah alabama

A Visit to the King Criswell Plantation Home in Uriah, Alabama