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The Unnamed Bridge in South Alabama

Stockton, Alabama


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About 20 miles north of Mobile, Alabama on Interstate 65 there is a 6.08-mile-long bridge expandingDolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures over the Tensaw Delta somewhere between mile-marker 21 and 30. The bridge, built between 1978 and 1980, was officially named the Walter K. Wilson for one of the Chief Engineers with the US Army Corps and a long term resident of Mobile, I have yet to find a "name plaque" but one of our viewers emailed me this update.

I have heard for years that the locals call it the "Dolly Varden Bridge." Kinda strange name for a bridge. I figured that since this area is a fantastic place to fish, the bridge was named after the Dolly Varden trout (see second picture) (that may be in the delta area under the bridge.

I took it upon myself to research this hot topic a little further. I talked to Jim, one of the local fishermen in the area, to see if he could give me some background on the name's origin. Dolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures

After talking to Jim for a few minutes, he gave me one of his strange looks, and said, "Frankie D, that bridge is not called the Dolly Varden Bridge, you misguided soul. That bridge is called the Dolly Parton Bridge!"

Needless to say, I was even more confused. It was bad enough trying to justify naming the bridge after a FISH, now I have to deal with the bridge being named after a country singer that doesn't even live in the area. In fact, she doesn't even live in Alabama, she lives in Tennessee!!!

OK, I am open-minded about most things so I took a few pictures to see why they would give theDolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures bridge that name.

Boy, I love a good mystery!!!

On a side note: There are efforts underway in south Alabama to have the bridge officially named the "Dolly Parton Bridge." There are a number of Facebook groups working this issue. If you are interested in staying abreast of what is going on, checkout the "The Dolly Parton Bridge Should Be Named The Dolly Parton Bridge" group on Facebook. By the way, if you happen to meet Debbie, one of the group leaders, tell her Frankie D said hello.

Dolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures Dolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures
Dolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures Dolly Parton Bridge Stockton Alabama pictures

A Drive on "The No-Named Bridge" in South Alabama