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Ellicott's Stone

Satsuma, Alabama


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Ellicott's Stone, also known as the Ellicott Stone, is a boundary marker in northern Mobile County,Ellicott's Stone pictures Alabama near Satsuma. It was placed on April 10, 1799 by a joint U.S.-Spanish survey party headed by Major Andrew Ellicott. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on 11 April 1973.

It is the only known stone monument set by Ellicott when he surveyed the 31st parallel north latitude, which served as the boundary line between the Mississippi Territory in the United States and Spanish West Florida. The boundary line extended along the 31st parallel from the Mississippi River east to the Chattahoochee River, as set forth in the 1795 Pinckney Treaty, formally known as the Treaty of San Lorenzo.

Ellicott's Stone is the initial point for all United States Public Land surveys in the southern region of Alabama and Mississippi. It is the point of intersection of what is known today as the St. StephensEllicott's Stone Meridian and the St. Stephens Baseline.

The stone marker, a ferruginous sandstone block about two feet high and eight inches thick, is near the west bank of the Mobile River. On the northern side of the stone is an inscription stating "U.S. Lat. 31, 1799." The inscription on the southern side reads "Dominio De S.M. Carlos IV, Lat. 31, 1799." (Dominion of his majesty King Charles IV, Lat. 31, 1799).

The stone is approximately 900 feet east of the rest area (on Hwy 43), as indicated by the sign. Follow the trail, cross the railroad tracks and proceed for about another 200 feet. There, beneath a modern shelter, is the Ellicott Stone.

If you like taking a stroll in the woods, you will love this trip. The trail is well maintained and marked. We picked a fantastic day to visit. Not only did we have good weather, we also got to see a train goEllicott's Stone pictures through the trail.


Traveling Interstate 65, take Exit 19 (US Highway 43) at Satsuma, Alabama. Drive north on US Highway 43 between mile markers 18 and 19 (almost at marker 19) there is the little rest area shown in the first picture.