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Georgiana, Alabama


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Georgiana, a town of 1,737 according to the 2000 census, lies to the east of a section of InterstateGeorgiana Alabama pictures 65 known as the "Lost Highway" in honor of country singer Hank Williams, Sr.

I had never been to Georgiana, other than passing it on the interstate. In fact, I had not planned to visit it this trip. My plan was to see the Hank Williams Museum and move on.

That is when the "fickled finger of fate" stepped in and now I can say I have seen downtown Georgiana.

I had just completed an enjoyable visit to the museum and I was taking a few pictures of some of the old houses on the block. As I crossed the railroad tracks, I happened to glance to my right and saw the downtown area. The railroad goes straight through the town, splitting its business district in half. The view resembled a painting and I just had to check it out.
Georgiana Alabama pictures
Note: If you like gospel music, as I do, you might want to check out Georgiana. The town is famous for its fantastic gospel music events. I was reminded of this when I saw a sign on the side of the theatre. Also, see poster below.

Georgiana Alabama pictures

A Drive in Georgiana, Alabama

Georgiana Railroad Town