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Cusseta, Alabama


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Cusseta is a city in Chambers County, Alabama. Situated between Opelika and Lanett, it washistoric Cusseta Alabama named for the ancient Creek Indian town of Cusseta.

The community was believed to be unincorporated until 2006, when rediscovered documents indicated that Cusseta had been incorporated as a city in 1853. As the community diminished in size over the years, its status was forgotten.

In April, 2007, a petition of the majority of citizens of the Cusseta area was granted by the Probate Judge of Chambers County, Alabama, re-instating Cusseta's status as an incorporated city. The judge named a mayor and five council members to the first City Council, for two-year terms. That council met for the first time on April 30, 2007, in an old one-room schoolhouse located under the oak tree at the center of Cusseta. The city limits extend in a one-mile radius from the railroad crossroads beside the schoolhouse. historic Cusseta Alabama

Cusseta has two claims to fame: Pat Garrett, the lawman famed for killing the outlaw Billy the Kid was born near Cusseta in 1850; Fort Cusseta was built a short time after 1832 in what is now downtown Cusseta.

I enjoyed my brief stop in Cusseta. Actually, I was there about two hours longer than I had planned to be - so, my story begins.

This reminds me of when I was in the military. A lot of our stories would start with... "And there I was 20,000 feet up, the plane is out of gas, and I have to go to the toilet..."

Well my Cusseta story is not that dramatic, but it starts...

"And there I was in Cusseta, Alabama. I pulled over to take some pictures. Actually, I was parkedhistoric Cusseta Alabama just out of sight to the right of this railroad picture. I had just finished taking my pictures and I felt pretty good about the things I had seen there. I was on the telephone talking about all the things I had seen when I opened the car door to leave. During the next few minutes the silence was deafening. There was no engine running. My car would not crank. Here I am in Cusseta, Alabama and MY CAR DOESN'T START.

So, two hours later AAA Motor Club pulls up and saves me. Hurray for planning ahead!

A Visit to Cusseta, Alabama