Ellicott Line

Stockton, Alabama





Other interest:

Ellicott Stone



The area was jointly surveyed by Major Andrew Ellicott, U.S. Commissioner, and Esteban Minor, Spanish Commissioner, to determine boundaries as agreed in the Treaty of San Lorenzo in 1795. The line began at the Mississippi River, ran east along 31° North Latitude to the Chattahoochee River, and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mound Line
(Ellicott Line)

Mile Mound #216 located 1200 feet East

Surveyed in 1799 to mark the 31° North Latitude, this line charted the first southern boundary of the United States, separating the U.S. from Spanish Florida. The line was marked at one-mile intervals by earthen mounds approximately fifteen-feet square and three-feet high with a charred lighter-pine post at the center, hence the name Mound Line. This plaque is located on Highway 59 North in Stockton.

There is another Ellicott Line north of Satsuma, Alabama on US Highway 43.



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